Empower Training Systems

Kickboxing training

Empower Martial Arts

  • Local Kajukenbo/Kajukenpo Classes
  • Distance Learning Programs
Karate class

Empower Fitstrike

  • Local Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Classes
  • Instructor Training/Certification
Self defense training

Empower Self Defense

  • Individual, Group and Corp. Training
  • Instructor Training/Certification

Welcome to Empower

Welcome to Empower Training Systems, Inc.

Empower Training Systems is a national/international educational organization providing training, continuing education and specialty certification for two main programs:

  • Empower FitStrike, and
  • Empower Self Defense

Empower FitStrike is a Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor training, continuing education and certification program.

Empower Self Defense is a program that provides two main services:

  • self defense instructor training/continuing education and certification program, and
  • self defense program design, development and facilitation (instruction) for individuals, private groups, organizations, corporations or any entity that desires this type of training.

Empower no longer provides martial arts instruction via general public classes. We do offer private instruction in the Lake Bluff, IL area. If interested, please contact us at Tim@empower-usa.com or at 331-725-9535.

Our Mission

Empower Training Systems (ETS) strives to create and provide a positive experience of personal and professional growth and improvement by empowering our students, clients, employees and associates to take and maintain control of the mental, emotional, environmental and physical aspects of their lives, through participation in our martial arts-based and fitness-based programs. Our goals include enhancement of the body, the mind and the soul, creating a condition of total wellness. Creating strong, healthy, confident people – one kick at a time!