Tim Rochford 

Tim holds a MS degree in Exercise Science, a BS degree in Sport Management – Fitness & Wellness. He has also earned certifications from A.C.E. (Medical Exercise Specialist & CPT), NASM (CPT), Brookbush Institute (Human Movement Specialist), FAI (Functional Aging Specialist), and Cooper Institute (Master Physical Fitness Specialist). He has been in the fitness industry since 1984 and has been a continuing education provider since 1994 (A.C.E., NASM, NETA, WITS, and more).
Training in martial arts since 1978, Tim currently holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo/Kajukenpo Karate competing as an amateur kickboxer in the 1980’s and 90’s, and still competes in forms and fighting in Sport Karate tournaments.

Training in martial arts since 1978, Tim currently holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo/Kajukenpo Karate competing as an amateur kickboxer in the 1980’s and 90’s, and still competes in forms and fighting in Sport Karate tournaments.
He is the president of Empower Training Systems, Inc., an A.C.E., NASM, NETA, and WITS continuing education specialist and has developed and authored numerous instructor training programs and manuals. He co‐authored the original ACE Kickboxing Fitness Specialty Training manual, and authored the following training and continuing education manuals:

  • Martial Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Training
  • ​Martial Arts Fitness for Seniors
  • Empower Self Defense Instructor Training Program (Phases 1, 2 & 3)
Tim’s credentials and experience include teaching self defense and kickboxing fitness training programs nationally and internationally.

His deep interest in resistance training led him to develop, design and patent the P2 Force, the most versatile piece of resistance training equipment on the market. This equipment is the only apparatus that provides the capability to perform true multi-planar & multi-angle resistance training options for any joint movement of the human body!

Linda M. Cabanban 

Linda Cabanban has been a physical activity enthusiast throughout her life. 

Linda's Dance Training was studied under several well-known dance professionals, Stone Camryn School of Ballet in Chicago, Ruth Page Foundation School of Dance, Joel Hall - New School for Performing Arts where she was a member of the professional Joel Hall Dancers with whom she performed nationally and internationally from 19880 to 1985.

She was a Track & Field competitor through high school and they were state champions in 1977. Linda was a competitive amateur Speedskater as well as a competitive tennis player for the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Linda then turned her passion for being active into a fitness career, earning several group fitness and personal training certifications, including; American Council on Exercise Group Fitness and Personal Training , Connie Love’s Bench Aerobics, Barre Basics-Barre Above, BOSU Integrated Balance Training, Mad Dog Spinning, Martial Fitness Kickboxing, Zumba Fitness Certified Instructor – Basic and Level 2, Zumba Gold.

Linda’s main focus has been to enhance her knowledge and skills as a Pilates Trainer. She has completed over 1200 hours of training in the following Pilates programs & certifications:
  • Core Align Level 1
  • ​Pilates Method Alliance Certification
  • ​Teaching Certification - Village Pilates Studio - Comprehensive Classical Matwork/Reformer/Chair/Cadillac (750 hours plus 102 Continuing Education)
  • ​Pilates Matwork – PhysicalMind Institute
  • ​Pilates Matwork – Body In Balance - Studied under Fran Ahrens who was trained in Boulder, CO.
  • ​Stott trained in Pilates Matwork, Beginner Thru Advanced
  • Stott trained in Reformer, Essential and Intermediate levels
  • ​Peak Pilates MVE Chair instructor
  • ​Peak Pilates Level One Certified
Linda has also completed intense training through the Empower Self Defense program developed by Empower Training Systems, Inc. She has taught several self defense training workshops, alongside her husband, Tim Rochford. She has been an important and valuable part of the program development and instruction. Her skill demonstrations in the workshops is empowering for the female participants.
Linda, who was also an American Airlines Flight Attendant for 17+ years, is an animal lover who is constantly volunteering for various animal rescue organizations. She has also, herself, rescued numerous animals (especially dogs!) who were then provided with a much happier and loving life! Linda is a quiet, but confident person, who wants to share her personal safety knowledge and self defense skills, in order to help make our world a safer place.


Maria Page

Fitness Professionals you can now earn a A.C.E., NASM, and AFAA CEC/CEUs with Empower’s training/continuing education and certification. 

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Tim Rochford

Empower Training Systems, Inc. (ETS) strives to create and provide a positive experience of personal and professional growth and improvement by empowering our students, clients, employees and associates to take and maintain control of the mental, emotional, environmental and physical aspects of their lives, through participation in our martial arts-based and fitness-based programs.

Empower Training Systems’ goals include enhancement of the body, the mind and the soul, creating a condition of total wellness. Creating strong, healthy, confident people!

Our mantra is “One Body, One Life, One Choice!”

Empower Training Systems’ Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Training Programs

An act of violence can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere and even though we might not think being personally assaulted will happen to us or someone we know the threat still remains an everyday possibility.
Empower’s Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Training Program provides businesses and corporations valuable interaction and instruction to help enhance their existing employee wellness programs or as an employee benefit.
The ability to craft a program best suited to goals & objectives established by a client, with unlimited flexibility in delivery and location, are the important and valuable aspects of what Empower Training Systems offers.