This sense plays a role when it comes to recognizing potentially unsafe situations resulting from ingesting food or liquids that have been tampered with (i.e. spiked with drugs or alcohol). The next post covers the 6th sense – COMMON SENSE! Until then, remember, “One Body, One Life, One Choice – Be Aware & Be Safe!”


The smell of alcohol or other controlled substances on an individual can signal the need for specific types of interaction with that person. If someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, his or her power of reasoning may be diminished making him or her less inhibited. Interacting with or trying to resolve a […]


The sense of Touch can provide information about the environment, including such things as temperature and humidity. Extreme heat and/or humidity can affect a person’s mood and demeanor. Could that influence how you deal with conflict situation? Touch can also provide insight about a person’s emotional state. Have you ever touched someone (handshake, touching an […]


It is also possible to develop tunnel, or as my wife calls it, “selective” hearing. Make a conscious effort to hear the voices and sounds around you. Try to interpret what is happening around you by the voices and sounds being made. Try to determine the emotional states of the people around you by listening […]


Many times we look, but we don’t really “see.” Our repetitive daily routines create tunnel vision – we only see what is right in front of us or what we expect to see? When you look at people, try to notice details about them. This skill requires practice – which can be interesting and fun. […]


Awareness is an offensive weapon. It should be proactively developed and improved. People are often so consumed with their “tasks at hand” that they are oblivious to other activities happening in their external environment. This lack of awareness can potentially increase personal safety risk. Becoming more aware of your mental, emotional, environmental and physical status […]

Be Aware, Be Safe! – part 3

Please, keep in mind that the “Tips” that I give can be influenced by many factors, some of which include the environment you are functioning in, the physical characteristics and skills of the people you interact with, your own physical characteristics and skills, the mental/emotional state of people you interact with, your mental and emotional […]

Be Aware, Be Safe! – part 2

It is impossible to cover every possible unsafe situation that could be encountered. So, as comprehensive as this series of articles will be, I cannot cover every possible situation. But, I do include some very common situations that could be encountered. I welcome feedback, input, and ideas from all who read this “Tip” series. The […]

Introduction – Be Aware, Be Safe!

Congratulations! Reading this blog proves that you are truly a “proactive” person – not a procrastinator. You see a possible need – and you address it! You are one of a rare breed! People are rarely proactive when it comes to personal safety. People typically wait until something bad happens before they begin to think […]