Introduction – Be Aware, Be Safe!

Congratulations! Reading this blog proves that you are truly a “proactive” person – not a procrastinator. You see a possible need – and you address it! You are one of a rare breed!

People are rarely proactive when it comes to personal safety. People typically wait until something bad happens before they begin to think about enhancing their personal safety and/or the safety of their loved ones. By the time something bad happens, it is too late! Why don’t people see the importance and value in preparing for the possibilities? That is the million-dollar question! I think it starts with the “it could never happen to me” or “it could never happen here” syndromes! Well, you have now demonstrated that you are one of the special people who are proactive is caring for yourself and your family! You are Awesome!

The next post will begin to dive into what this series of informational posts will cover! Until then, remember, “One Body, One Life, One Choice – Be Aware & Be Safe!”

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