Awareness is an offensive weapon. It should be proactively developed and improved. People are often so consumed with their “tasks at hand” that they are oblivious to other activities happening in their external environment. This lack of awareness can potentially increase personal safety risk. Becoming more aware of your mental, emotional, environmental and physical status can help you make the safest and most effective decisions in any situation, even if under duress. My self defense / personal safety training program is based on the development of the 4 Types of Awareness (Mental, Emotional, Environmental, and Physical).

To effectively develop the four types of awareness, you first must be able to utilize your natural senses (touch, smell, hearing, vision, and taste) optimally. And, there is also another very important sense that plays a key role in personal safety. It is the sixth sense – COMMON SENSE!  
The next post explains how to sue your natural senses to enhance your personal safety! Until then, remember, “One Body, One Life, One Choice – Be Aware & Be Safe!”