Common Sense could possibly be the most important sense related to personal safety. Yet, it tends to be one of the most ignored because of the “it could never happen to me” belief.

We become complacent while existing and functioning in an environment perceived to be safe. Daily activities are performed in the same sequence and/or routine with little or no thought given to potential “threats” that could be encountered. This sense of “security” influences how we live. We become oblivious (tunnel vision) to the rush of activities that occur around us. Our level of awareness diminishes with each passing, uneventful day.  

All the personal security training in the world is of minimal benefit if we do not apply common sense to life’s events. One of the most prevalent attitudes I have encountered over the years is “It could never happen to me or in my town.” I sincerely hope this attitude proves to be a prophecy for those who believe it. But, if something does happen, those who live by that attitude cannot possibly be adequately prepared to handle it; decreasing the chances for a positive outcome.
The next post covers intuition – a very valuable tool for maintaining personal safety! Until then, remember, “One Body, One Life, One Choice – Be Aware & Be Safe!”