It is also possible to develop tunnel, or as my wife calls it, “selective” hearing. Make a conscious effort to hear the voices and sounds around you. Try to interpret what is happening around you by the voices and sounds being made. Try to determine the emotional states of the people around you by listening to their voices – hear the words and the voice qualities (volume, pitch, speed, etc). Do you hear anger, fear, excitement, etc. in someone’s voice? The context in which you hear the sounds is also important in interpreting the current emotional conditions of the interactions.

Different sounds can hint or reveal what may be happening around you. Loud noises, explosions, car tires screeching, horns, are just some of the sounds that can provide information that can affect personal safety. As I walk down a street, do I hear someone running towards me? As I approach my car in a dark parking lot, do I hear the vehicle parked next to mine start their engine? Did a door slam shut or was it quietly closed? These are just a few examples of how hearing can potentially influence personal safety.


The next post will cover Touch! Until then, remember, “One Body, One Life, One Choice – Be Aware & Be Safe!”