At EmpowerUSA, Inc.  our mission is to strive to create positive experiences that provide
personal and professional growth and quality of life improvement for 
our program participants and team members. We strive to develop a safe, 
strong, healthy, and confident community!

One Body - One Life - One Choice 

EmpowerUSA strives to assemble a team of leaders who will drive
the positive forces and activities that will create safer and 
stronger communities in the USA.  

Fitness Professionals you can now earn a A.C.E., NASM, and AFAA CEC/CEUs with Empower’s training/continuing education and certification. 

Safe & Strong Instructor
Training Certification and Continuing Education 
Self Defense Instructor
Training Certification and Continuing Education 
Kickboxing Fitness Instructor
Training Certification and Continuing Education

Tim Rochford

EmpowerUSA, Inc. strives to create and provide a positive experience of personal and professional growth and improvement by empowering our students, clients, employees and associates to take and maintain control of the mental, emotional, environmental and physical aspects of their lives, through participation in our martial arts-based and fitness-based programs. 

EmpowerUSA's goals include enhancement of the body, the mind and the soul, creating a condition of total wellness. Creating strong, healthy, confident people!

Our mantra is “One Body, One Life, One Choice!”

ABOUT EmpowerUSA, Inc.
EmpowerUSA, Inc. started in 1984 as Health Kick, Inc., a brick and mortar martial arts & fitness training facility. In the late 1990's, Health Kick became Empower Training Systems, Inc. because of the addition of the fitness industry continuing education and instructor training programs developed by Tim Rochford. He continued to run the martial arts/fitness facility until 2015, but has since focused the business on training and developing instructors for his programs. He has continued to teach these programs in the facilities he has managed since 2015. In 2021, because of various societal factors, Rochford felt the need to emphasize the new mission for his business by changing the name to 'EmpowerUSA'. The new name states exactly what he intends to do, with the help of the team of trainers who complete and become involved in the fitness and self defense/personal safety programs that EmpowerUSA currently offers and continues to develop.

EmpowerUSA’s Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Training Programs

An act of violence can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere and even though we might not think being personally assaulted will happen to us or someone we know the threat still remains an everyday possibility.
Empower’s Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Training Program provides businesses and corporations valuable interaction and instruction to help enhance their existing employee wellness programs or as an employee benefit.
The ability to craft a program best suited to goals & objectives established by a client, with unlimited flexibility in delivery and location, are the important and valuable aspects of what Empower Training Systems offers.
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