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One Body - One Life - One Choice 

Forward-thinking companies and organizations invest in their most important assets, their employees and members.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs Pyramid
Proactive, forward-thinking companies and organizations invest in their most important assets, their employees and members, by doing what is necessary to ensure the highest possible level of mental, emotional and physical health. They understand that they are investing in their own future. When the term “wellness program” is used, most people think of fitness training, stress relief, smoking cessation, etc. Very few people relate personal safety/self defense training with “wellness” training. 
Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed (1943) the Hierarchy of Human Needs pyramid where the most basic fundamental needs for human beings are physiological – food, water, air. These “needs” form the base of the pyramid - they are of the highest priority. The next pyramid level, second in importance, is “Security”! According to Maslow, we need to feel safe in to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. 
Society tends to be REACTIVE – people wait until something bad happens before doing something. Some companies recognize the many potential benefits of providing personal safety/self defense training for their employees, proactively. Training can range anywhere from brief lectures/seminars on enhancing awareness with no physical skills training to a comprehensive program that includes awareness training combined with specific physical self defense skills. Companies/organizations need to recognize both the short-term and long-term value in providing important life-saving skills for employees/members:
  • Self Defense training can prevent violence before it even happens.
  • Employees who are capable of protecting themselves are more confident.
  • ​People who feel safe are less prone to the debilitating effects of stress.
  • ​Self-defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale and enhance teamwork. 
  • ​Self-defense training improves creative problem-solving skills.
  • ​Employees may experience a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind. 

EmpowerUSA has been providing personal safety and self defense training since 1984. Our clients have included American Airlines, Marshall Fields, Target, and many more! We have recently expanded our program to include online training options for any large group. 

Why Include Self Defense Training Into Corporate Wellness Programs

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By Tim Rochford
Proactive, forward-thinking companies do what is necessary to ensure that employees are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. These companies understand that by providing employees with benefits like wellness programs, insurance, training/education, and more, they are investing in their own future as a company.

Corporate Wellness Self Defense Training-What Should Be Included?

“It will never happen to me.” “It can’t happen here.” This is a common, but naive thought process held by much of the general public, especially by those who live in “safe” neighborhoods. There was a time when it wasn’t necessary for personal safety to be a high priority concern in our daily lives. But, today’s society is very different. And so, our behavior and thought patterns need to adjust. We need to take responsibility for maintaining our own personal safety. In the corporate world, employers need to be proactive in protecting their assets – employees. If a corporate entity is going to take on this responsibility, it should be done in a cost-effective way, while still providing the most comprehensive, high quality program possible. The program should serve the exact needs of the corporation and its employees. 

How To Implement a Successful Employee Self Defense Training Program

A company should discuss their perceived needs with the self defense training service provider. An ethical and professional trainer will help a potential corporate client more accurately identify and determine their actual needs related to this training. Because of the trainer’s experience, he or she may be able to reveal potential scenarios and situations that the client may not be aware of, due to the lack of experience in this type of training. When giving program structure and content guidance, the self defense training service must be able to provide adequate justification for all aspects of a training program proposal. So, it is important for an organization to review their perceived training needs with the service provider. And, it is also important for the training service provider to be able to properly justify any suggested modifications to those needs...

Personal Safety & Self-Defense Training Online Program Options

IMPORTANT! All training programs are customized to the specific needs and desires of each individual client corporation, organization or private group! Contact Empower for more information and details about what we can create and do for you! You have two basic choices:
Option 1 - Personal Safety and Awareness Training ONLY or Option 2 - Personal Safety, Awareness AND Physical Skills Training

Personal Safety & Self Defense Training (option 1)

provides education on and information about various aspects of personal safety including:

  • The 4 Types of Awareness - Mental, Emotional, Environmental and Physical
  • ​Legal Liability
  • ​Confidence and Fear
  • Principles of Personal Security
  • ​Martial Arts and Fitness Training vs. Self Defense Training
  • ​Body Language 
  • ​Basics of Physical Skills Training

Personal Safety & Self Defense AND Physical Skills Training (option 2)

provides education on and information about various aspects of personal safety including:

  • Everything in Personal Safety & Defense - Option 1 above
  • ​Evasion Movements
  • Redirection Techniques
  • Striking Techniques
  • Loosening/Escape Techniques 
  • ​And More!

Tim Rochford

Empower Training Systems, Inc. (ETS) strives to create and provide a positive experience of personal and professional growth and improvement by empowering our students, clients, employees and associates to take and maintain control of the mental, emotional, environmental and physical aspects of their lives, through participation in our martial arts-based and fitness-based programs.

Empower Training Systems’ goals include enhancement of the body, the mind and the soul, creating a condition of total wellness. Creating strong, healthy, confident people!

Our mantra is “One Body, One Life, One Choice!”

Empower Training Systems’ Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Training Programs

An act of violence can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere and even though we might not think being personally assaulted will happen to us or someone we know the threat still remains an everyday possibility.
Empower’s Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Training Program provides businesses and corporations valuable interaction and instruction to help enhance their existing employee wellness programs or as an employee benefit.
The ability to craft a program best suited to goals & objectives established by a client, with unlimited flexibility in delivery and location, are the important and valuable aspects of what Empower Training Systems offers.
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