Instructor training courses for fitness trainers, martial arts instructors, and Physical Education teachers. All courses are CEC/CEU approved for certified fitness professionals.

EmpowerUSA – Personal Safety/Self Defense Instructor Training

EmpowerUSA has been training and developing personal safety/self-defense instructors since 1990. EmpowerUSA’s personal safety/self-defense instructor training program provides in-depth information, methods, and strategies for personal safety, along with simple, practical, effective, and realistic physical self-defense skills.

EmpowerUSA’s Distance Learning Program is for:
Certified Fitness Professionals:
Personal benefits – Enhanced personal safety, increased confidence & self-esteem
Professional benefits
  • New training service available for current and potential new clients
  • Offer additional training services to private groups, organizations, or corporations
  • Increased income potential
  • Continuing education credits(CEU/CEC approved) towards fitness re-certifications, and
  • Specialty Certification available through EmpowerUSA’s SAFE & STRONG! program
Physical Education Professionals:
Personal benefits – Enhanced personal safety, increased confidence & self-esteem
Professional benefits
  • Learn how to teach personal safety awareness and physical self-defense skills
  • Potentially earn CPDU credit for teaching certifications, and
  • Specialty Certification through EmpowerUSA’s SAFE & STRONG! program
Curriculum Package for PE Professionals

EmpowerUSA has created a Personal Safety/Self Defense course curriculum package for Physical Education Teachers. The package includes Teacher Manual, Student Textbooks, Lesson Plan samples, Student Evaluation tools, and more. Contact EmpowerUSA for more information.

EmpowerUSA Personal Safety & Self-Defense Instructor Training Course Content

The distance learning course content includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Four Types of Awareness (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical).
  • Performance of basic self-defense strategies and techniques,including:
  • Effective neutral/defensive stances
  • Loosening technique execution for various types of attacks, including chokes, bear hugs, shoulder grabs, hair grabs, headlocks, hammerlocks, arm bars, and more.
  • Performance of basic self-defense strategies and techniques against weapons, including Firearm/Handgun, Bladed weapons, and Stick/Club-Type weapons
  • Learn/practice basic self-defense strategies, including “Distract and Attack” and much more
  • Specific fitness/conditioning training methods to prepare for physical self-defense
This course is CEC/CEU approved by:
  • ACE for 20 hours
  • NETA for 20 hours
  • NASM for 19 hours

Course Material Packaging Options include:

Option 1 – $239 + shipping
  • Hard copy manual & Exam
  • Electronic files (on a flash drive) for videos
Option 2 – $209 + shipping
  • All course materials are electronic files on a flash drive)

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