Personal Safety & Self Defense Training for Corporations & Organizations

EmpowerUSA Personal Safety & Self Defense Training for Corporations & Organizations

This program provides two personal safety & self-defense training options for a corporate or organizational client to provide to their employees or members. The segments include:

Personal Safety Information & Awareness Training – subject areas include:
  • Why Learn Self Defense
  • Legal Liability
  • Confidence & Fear
  • Recognize an Assailant
  • Principles of Personal Security
  • Self Defense Training vs. Traditional Martial Arts & Kickboxing Fitness Training
  • Awareness – Mental, Emotional, Environmental & Physical
  • Body Language
  • Identification of Striking & Loosening Technique Target Areas
Physical Self Defense Skills Training includes:
  • Stance, Evasion Movement & Re-direction Techniques
  • Striking – Palm Heel, Elbow, & Knee Strikes and Front Snap and Defensive Side Kick
  • Loosening & Escape Techniques for Grabs & Holds (Chokes, Shoulder/Lapel Grabs. Bear Hugs, Headlocks, Full Nelson and more)
  • Application of Loosening & Escape Techniques and Striking for various Attack Scenarios
  • Weapon self-defense training optional

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