Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training

EmpowerUSA’s Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training is a follow-up training course from the original Martial Fitness Kickboxing course. This new course includes brand new information, skill drills, workout routines and technique application concepts.

Two Format Options Available.

  • All Electronic files delivered on a flash drive. (Manual, Exam, Videos & PowerPoints)
  • Hard copy Manual & Exam materialsVideos and PowerPoint electronic files delivered on a flash drive.

What’s in the course?

  • A 340+-page Manual
  • 4 Instructional Videos (Technique, Focus Pad Training, Choreography and Skills, Drills & Workout Routines)
  • PowerPoint instructions with embedded video demonstrations
  • Written, open book exam

This course is CEC/CEU approved by:

  • ACE for 20 hours
  • NETA for 20 hours
  • NASM for 19 hours

Course training content includes:

  • Demonstration and instruction of the safe and effective execution of the techniques and movement patterns from boxing, kickboxing, and traditional martial arts training.
  • Identification of primary joint movements involved in each technique.
  • Information about technique execution modifications necessary to prevent injury.
  • Instruction of the concept of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of participation, as related to both skill and conditioning of individual participants.
  • Identification of the important concepts and factors that influence kickboxing fitness class design, related to class structure, class formats, and balanced.
  • Descriptions of the basic equipment characteristics that influence the safe and proper use in an exercise-class environment.
  • Updated and new technique/combination drills and equipment training drills.
  • All-new section of coordination/agility/reaction/ balance training methods utilizing kickboxing fitness drills and exercises.
  • Cognitive function and brain-training methods integrated with kickboxing fitness drills.
  • Dozens of new exercises, drills and workout routines using focus pads, heavy bags, medicine balls, elastic resistance, body weight exercises and much more!

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