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We have the solution to help schools safely and effectively empower our children, giving them Confidence through proper education to be aware and prepared!


A school district may task their physical education department with providing personal safety/self-defense training for students. But, oftentimes, the physical education professional has little to no experience in personal safety/self-defense training. So, he or she must do one of two things:
  • Hire an external training resource to teach a program, or
  • The PE Professional attempts to quickly learn how to develop and teach a program through whatever training program that can be found.   
Physical Education Departments need a proven instructional system and methodology, a comprehensive curriculum and the ability to teach simple, realistic, practical and effective physical skills. PE teachers must provide students with heightened awareness, basic physical self-defense skills and most importantly the understanding of the appropriate application of the knowledge and physical skills!


The EmpowerUSA’s Personal Safety & Self Defense Training Program for Physical Education Professionals, provides a comprehensive turn-key system that every P.E. professional needs, including:
1.  A Train-the-Teacher course that prepares the P.E. professional to teach basic personal safety and self defense. This training course can be completed online or with hard copy materials - it includes:
  • One Instructor Training Manual
  • ​Two DVDs - physical skills training (may be used as part of the course materials)
  • ​One “open book” Final Exam to earn a certificate of completion
  • ​Available in both hard copy and online formats
  • ​Optional Service – EmpowerUSA can provide live practical self defense skills training.
  • ​Important - The “Train-the-Teacher” course is approved for ACE, NASM & NETA CEU/CECs. 
2. A Physical Education Curriculum Package that includes:
  •  PE Teacher Course Materials – available in both online and hard copy formats and includes:
  • Teacher Manual with Assignment Answer Keys
  • Student Assessment Guidelines 
  • ​Lesson Plan templates and samples that can be modified or adapted, as needed
  • PE Student Course Materials – available in both online and hard copy formats and includes:
  • Student Textbook with Assignments
 3 Options Available! A  P.E. Department can choose any of the following 3 options:
  • Purchase only the “Train-the-Teacher” course and design/develop your own curriculum.
  • Purchase the Curriculum Package only (if current Staff is experienced in self defense training), or
  • ​Purchase both "Train-the-Teacher" course and the Curriculum Package in order to provide your students with the best possible training experience!

Special Introductory Offer 

The first 25 schools to purchase the program will receive BOTH the online Train-the-Teacher course AND the online P.E. Teacher Course Materials for $300 (normally $179 for “Train-the-Teacher” course + $300 for the “Teacher Course Materials” package = $479 total) for the 1st teacher.
Additional teachers at each school will receive additional special discounts – contact EmpowerUSA for a quote for your Staff!
  • Important - Teacher Course Materials are discounted if the “Train-the-Teacher” course is purchased.

The “Train-the-Teacher” course is approved for ACE, NASM & NETA CEU/CECs. CPDU’s may also be available. PE professionals will enhance their own personal safety through this course.

This proven curriculum is vital for any PE program that offers personal safety and/or self- defense physical skills training to Junior High through College age students.

Fitness Professionals you can now earn a A.C.E., NASM, and AFAA CEC/CEUs with Empower’s training/continuing education and certification. 

Program Philosophy
In the Empower Self Defense program, the word “Proactive” is the key to our self defense philosophy, “The best defense is a proactively prepared offense.”

Our goal is to Proactively EMPOWER our participants or clients by developing and enhancing Awareness (Mental, Emotional, Environmental and Physical), knowledge and physical skill through our training programs.
Self Defense Instructor
Training Certification and Continuing Education 
The Empower Self Defense Instructor Training / Certification Program Increases and improves the knowledge, skills, teaching capabilities and self defense business acumen of anyone who teaches self defense or personal safety programs.


“The course was everything you promised, and I found it to be a fantastic resource. It really focuses on empowering the students, which is exactly what I was hoping for. And all the behavioral and awareness information and the focus on how to avoid conflict was just perfect – it was everything that I found to be missing from self-defense discussions in traditional Martial Arts training. The Phase 2 course showed practical, easy to use loosening & escape techniques that anyone can learn to use. I’ll definitely be looking for Phase 3.”                                             
~Jim Lane, Canada

“Mr. Rochford, Thank you so much for the exceptional presentation of self defense material. I have learned a great deal from it and can’t wait to learn more! I am so glad that this information was offered to renew my personal training certification! Thank you! Wonderful class!” 
                                            ~Melanie C., Reno, NV

“The course was clear and concise; the instructor is really trying to make certain that the students understand the material as opposed to being purposely vague, as with some other courses.” 
~Louis Battle Chicago, IL Personal Trainer
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